"A Needle Pulling Thread - Have A Heart"

By Baroness Brianna Je Nell Aislynn of Blue Shadows

By special request, I am publishing the cross-stitch chart for the Serpent's Heart (the Baronial children's award).


10 count black Aida cloth or 10 count waste canvas

black cloth

red embroidery floss plus an additional 2 complete skeins of red for the tassel

white embroidery floss

gold embroidery floss

black embroidery floss

Work stitching on a black background. The original is worked on a strip of black brushed denim (4 1/2"x 29") stitched over 10 count waste canvas. Work on one end of the strip with the base of the design approximately 3" from the bottom of the strip (heart should be facing toward the long end of the fabric strip). After the stitching is finished, fold the strip in half long wise with the right sides together. Mark a point at the ends, using two opposing 45-degree angles. From the folded edge and using a 3/8" seam allowance, sew down one side, around the point and back up toward the fold, leaving an opening of approximately 3" from the fold. Turn the favor inside out through the opening and whip (or ladder) stitch the opening closed. On the wrong side of the favor, mark a line about 5" down from the folded edge. Fold the favor toward the back, with the original folded edge along the line marked on the back, forming a belt loop. Whip stitch the edge to the back of the favor.

To make the tassel: Using 2 complete skeins of embroidery floss the same color red as the heart, lay the skeins together without removing the bands. Fold the skeins in half and tie a 6" piece of black floss around the middle of the two skeins. Thread the ends of the ties through a needle and pass them through the point of the favor several times. Tie off the ends with a knot or by passing them up through the body of the favor. Using a band of ribbon or embroidery floss, bind off the tassel approximately 1/2" or 3/4" from the fold. This forms the head of the tassel. Remove the bands from the floss and trim the ends of the tassel evenly (you will be cutting off the folds at the bottom of the tassel).

Note: The following is legal mumbo jumbo. The artwork of the painted favor and this cross-stitch chart are original pieces drawn and designed by Je Nell Hays. The artist grants permission to members of the Barony of Calafia, SCA Inc. for reproduction of these designs for use in Baronial regalia and publications.

Copyright 1999 by Je Nell Hays

Permission to reprint this article for use in the Society for Creative Aanachronism is granted so long as the complete article is printed with proper attribution to the author using both her modern name and SCA equivalent. Please notify the author if this article is included in any SCA publication or used as reference material in a class.

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