"A Needle Pulling Thread - Baldrics"

By Baroness Brianna Je Nell Aislynn of Blue Shadows

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This concludes the Officer chart series. Unlike the previous designs, these will usually only be worn by the officer themself. Included here are Arts, Chatelaine, Lists, Exchequer, Seneschal and Chronicler.

An alternative to placing these badges on a favor, is to place them on a baldric. A baldric is a band approximately three to six inches wide, and measures at least twice the distance from the shoulder to the hip. It is worn on a diagonal from the shoulder to the opposite hip. It can be closed with ties, sewn together at the ends, or if made long enough, tied.

Baldrics have other uses, such as suspending a sword or holding folly bells, but they are commonly used as a form of identification. A modern use is to identify the different contestants in beauty pageants or the winner in an athletic competition (and next, the charming entrant from Calafia: Sir Guillaume, modeling the latest in chainmail...)

When made to identify an officer, the badge is placed just below the shoulder or about heart level. The fabric used for the baldric is usually the same color as the background of the badge. A variation would be to make the baldric the color of the officer's SCA branch (Kingdom, Barony, Canton, College, Port...) and place the badge on as a patch. Another example would be the yellow and black striped fabric used to make the marshals' baldrics for war marshalling.

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