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At Calafia's Anniversary event in AS XX, there was a contest to write a story or poem to explain why Calafia, despite two fine harbors, had no Navy. Lady Bronwyn McKay Kellough won the contest with the following poem.

What Happened to the Calafian Navy?
by Lady Bronwyn McKay Kellough

Pray attend, ye gentle folk
Let hearts stir within each breast
At remembering the crew
The men that were our barony's best.

Twas long, long years ago
In the early days of our history
that twelve strong ships and hearty crew
Set forth upon the shining sea.

Twelve strong ships, men brave and true
Masts pointed toward the glorius sky
Sails unfurled to greet the sun
"Calafia" our battle cry.

Battles bravely fought and won
There upon the sparkling sea.
Foul brigands there to justice brought
For the honor of our barony.

They served for countless years untold,
We know not the number of victories.
We know only that we were bravely served
By our men upon the sparkling sea.

One morn they awoke to storm-tossed seas
And waves that strove to drown the sun
They fought to keep the ships afloat;
Their last known battle now begun.

Long hours they worked to save the ships
'til every man from exhaustion reeled.
The waves yet came and so they feared
Their end had come, their fate was sealed.

Yet through the night, as crew did sleep
There happened a most curious thing
Through crashing of the sea storm
A gentle voice began to sing.

None had heard that voice before
And in this world few hear it now.
From a ship came the song that calmed the seas-
A figure black stood at the prow.

When crew awoke, storm mists did part
Towards the men a ship did sail
The noblest ship they 'ere had seen
Though the legend they'd heard in bardic tale.

Upon her mast a flag azure,
Sea Serpent sable, trident gold
Upon her prow a figure black
Calafia, braave and bold.

Hearts stirred to see this glorious sight
Their Queen in legend, now in fact.
They sailed unswerving to her side
Never once did they look back.

For their brave and gentle deeds
For kindness and for chivalry
Great reward were these men giv'n-
Queen Calafia they did see.

We miss our noble Navy now
The men that were our Baron's pride
We mourn them not, howe'er, good folk
For they're serving at the Queen's own side.

For her own Calafia claims
The best and bravest, chivalric, true
As it once was in hist'ry and legends then,
It is today, as she claims you.

Calafian, one and all
Think upon this tale I've spun
Brave men did serve their Barony-
Calafia their hearts has won.

( Some background for those unfamiliar with the origins of the Barony of Calafia. We are named after a mythical Queen of a land of sunshine, milk, and honey, taken from a late period Spanish romance. Incidentally, California is named after her, too. Queen Calafia is used as the mythical patron/protector of the Barony, in the same way Athens viewed Athena. --Lord Avenel Kellough )

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