Photo Courtesy of: Baron Cormac Mór, O.P.

Photo Courtesy of: Baron Cormac Mór, O.P.
Essays and Articles

"I Didn't Expect An Inquisition" By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique

Evolution of an Attitude

School of Hard Knatts

The Name of the Roast

The One Who's Favor I Bear...

"A Needle Pulling Thread" By Baroness Brianna Je Nell Aislynn of Blue Shadows

A Needle Pulling Thread - Baldrics

A Needle Pulling Thread - Charting

A Needle Pulling Thread - Favors

A Needle Pulling Thread - Have A Heart

A Needle Pulling Thread - May I Borrow your Pattern ?

A Needle Pulling Thread - Windscreens

In Praise....

On Criticism

The Officer

Miscellaneous Articles

A Sampler of Naturally Dyed Fabrics
       Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele
       Calafian Costume Guild Workshop

Celtic Clothing

Chiton Notes and Stenciled Trim, 2016

Dance Instruction Manuals 1600-1920
       list of videos demonstrating various period dance steps.

Early Tourneys and How to Re-Create Them
       Lord Avenel Kellough

Event Planning Guide
       Mistress Muirrenn ingen Donndubain

Period Pets #1- Advance Planning
       Lady Original Nightshade

Period Pets #2- Packing and Travelling With Your Pet
       Lady Original Nightshade

Period Pets #3- At the Event
       Lady Original Nightshade

The Dialogue of Chivalry
       Duke Finnvarr de Taahe

The Pas D' Arms: SCA Tournaments With A Period Flair
       Baron Guillaume de la Belgique

The Passo Honroso De Calafia
       Baron Guillaume de la Belgique

What Happened to the Calafian Navy?
       Lady Bronwyn McKay Kellough

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