Just a Bit of Trim

The Calafian Costumer's Guild

The Calafian Costumer's Guild (Just a Bit of Trim)is for anyone with an interest in sewing, costuming or needlework. The focus of the guild is to increase knowledge and ability in the area of costuming and needlework for the SCA and exchange ideas.
We have monthly classes with speakers teaching on a wide range of topics. Classes may be on garb, jewelry, hair, make-up, shoes, hats/veils, and the use of needlework and other techniques for clothing adornment. The guild sponsors occasional all day seminars and field trips.
Regular meetings of the Costumer's guild are held at 7:00pm on the second Monday of each month at the Allied Gardens Recreation Center in San Diego. Contact Lady Brighid ni Muirenn for more information.

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