May 2023
Their Excellencies Gamyl and Danyel
Photo Courtesy of: Father Thomas

Greetings Calafia,

Thank you to those that have taken part in the polling and expressed their views regarding the next Baron and Baroness of Calafia. We have discussed the outcome of the polling with Their Majesties, Their Highnesses and the Kingdom Seneschal. With Their Majesties blessing, we are pleased to announce our hires. Please congratulate Lord ├×orsteinn Arngeirsson and The Honorable Lady Asa Askma├░r. They will officially become our hires, Reeve and Reevess, during closing court at Potrero war. They will come with us to events to meet the populace of Caid and to learn what being a Baron and Baroness entails. Their investiture as Baron and Baroness will be in November at Calafia Anniversary.

Gamyl and I will be attending the following events if you would like to join us in the Baronial pavilion.

Summergate Anniversary on May 6th. The theme will be the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Altavia Anniversary on May 13th. We wish Baron Nico and Baroness Brianna well as they step down. This will be the investiture of the new Baron and Baroness The Honorable Lord Griffith Von Breman and The Honorable Lady Amabel Radleigh.

Potrero war from May 25th to May 29th. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Potrero, one of our favorite events. See you on the battlefield and at archery. And for all the hounds, there will be hound coursing.

In Happy Service to the dream,

Gamyl of Mottrum and Danyel de Licatia
Baron and Baroness of Calafia

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