September 2023
Their Excellencies Gamyl and Danyel
Photo Courtesy of: Father Thomas

Greetings Calafia,

August has been a busy month with the barony of Calafia holding three events. Thank you to the following stewards that helped to make these events happen: Alianora MacMahan and Kara in Storma, stewards for Arts in the Park; Master Konrad Faust Tyndel, steward for Calafia Rapier; Melles Ersebet and Kirivi Romani Aioli, stewards for Leodamas Serpent Social. We were unable to attend Arts in the Park, (one of our favorite events with the pickle contest), due to our travels to Pennsic this year but we heard it was a fun time. Rapier Tournament was well attended as folks from Winter Mist came down to enjoy the day with us. There were wonderful art and science projects on display from the rapier community. Congratulations to Timothy McBride of Aran for winning the Rapier Tournament that day. It was just an absolute pleasure to just hang out with everyone at Leodamas Serpent Social. The event just combined all our favorite things to do, eat, drink, chat with friends and throw sharp things. Thank you to all those who entertained the masses with a song, or tale to tell during the bardic circle.

In September, we plan to bring the shady pavilion, water, Gatoraid and snacks out to Crown Tournament being held in Starkhafn. We wish those competing in the tournament and their consorts good luck. We look forward to seeing our skillful fighters on the field.

Barony of Angels anniversary will be our next event that we attend on September 16th. This day will be the investiture of the new Baron and Baroness of Angels, Jethro Calce des Excurtynyx and Katerina Magdalena Stoianovna. Please join us in celebration with the rest of Caid.

In Happy Service to the dream,

Gamyl of Mottrum and Danyel de Licatia
Baron and Baroness of Calafia

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