Arts & Sciences Champion
TH Lord Snorri Snarfari Bjornsson

Bard of Calafia
TH Lady Dagný Starkaðrdottir

Flagship of Calafia
The Harbinger, Captain Rummey Foxley
Archery Champion
Baron John of Sudwelle

Armoured Champion
Sir Tryggr járngeirr Ingvarsson

Equestrian Champion
TH Lady Tierrynna CaerNarvon

Rapier Champion
Master Rhydderch Derwen

Thrown Weapons Champion
Lord Mikhail Liutognev

Unarmoured Champion
Mistress Muirenn ingen Donndubáin


Youth Combat Champion
(Division 1)

Jaxom Hodagin

Youth Combat Champion
(Division 2)

Christen Sim

Youth Combat Champion
(Division 3)

Ben Posival

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