Combat Practices
Combat Practices

Armored Combat

The first Sunday of each month is unit melee practice with the Iron Brigade.

Where: Allied Gardens Recreation Center
When:Sunday Noon to whenever people get tired, Wednesday from 6pm to Sundown.
TH Lord   
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Rapier Combat

Where: Allied Gardens Recreation Center
When:Sunday Noon to whenever people get tired, Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm.
Contact:Deputy Marshal of Fence
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Unarmored Combat

This new style has recently become a full authorized fighting form under the Marshallate. The Unarmored guild continues to exist to assist in researching and teaching historically accurate unarmored combat techniques.
For Kingdom and Society level discussions, check the Kingdom Yahoo group.

Where: Allied Gardens Recreation Center
When:Every Wednesday at 6:30pm.
Contact:Deputy Marshal of Unarmored Combat
Lord Brian of Garfield   
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Youth Combat

Contact the Youth Combat Marshal for Calafia for more details.

Contact:Deputy Marshal of Youth Combat
Lady Melles Ersebet   
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Ranged Practices

Target Archery

Barony of Calafia archery practice is now being held on the new UCSD ECRA archery field, located near the intersection of Campus Point Drive and Medical Center Drive, adjacent to the former Sports Deck field. Baronial practice is held concurrently with UCSD Recreation's archery practice on Sundays from 10 am to noon. Additional practices are also held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 pm to 7 pm. We have lighting for evening practices. Rain cancels.

Loaner equipment and beginner instruction are available. A 50 cent donation is suggested for the use of the loaner equipment. The first practice is free, but then archers need to enroll in UCSD Recreation's "Archery - Open Workout" class, which is $12 for any 10 practices. (Archery is under "Classes: Sports".) Authorizations, Royal Rounds, and long distance shooting are available at practices - please let the range marshals know if you are interested.

Archers are welcome to bring their own equipment, but please be aware that crossbows, broadheads, and blades are prohibited per campus regulations. Kids are welcome, but need to bring a parent or legal guardian. There is no shade at this field - sun protection and drinking water are recommended. Restrooms and a cafeteria are located nearby in the Thornton Hospital lobby. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, pull long hair back, and avoid dangling jewelry or baggy sleeves. Garb is not required but can be worn if you want to practice shooting in it.

Parking: The nearest free street parking is on Campus Point Drive, north of Genessee Ave. Additional parking is available in UCSD parking lots P703 (Regents Road West Lot) and P704 (Regents Road Northeast Lot), which are free on weekends but paid on weekdays. Visitor parking is also available in the Campus Point and Athena parking structures, which are always paid. MTS bus routes 201 and 202 stop nearby at Thornton Pavilion.

Caid Archery Handbook
Archery Authorization Form
Caidan Academy of Archers
Caid Archery Scores

Where: UCSD ECRA Archery Field
When:Sunday 10:00am - Noon. Tue & Thu 5:30PM - 7PM
Contact:Captain of Archers
Baron John of Sudwelle   
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Thrown Weapons

When:The fourth Sunday of each month
Contact:Deputy Marshal of Thrown Weapons
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