Welcome all good gentles to the Barony of Calafia for our annual Arts in the Park Demo!
A day where the guilds, artisans, and households of our barony showcase the diverse aspects of the SCA via various Arts and Sciences displays.
There will also be an opportunity to learn some of the traditional dance from the Middle Ages.
If you are interested in display an art or science as a guild or individual please email seneschal@calafia.org so we can pack enough tables, chairs, and pop ups.

Our theme this year is "Show Your Colors", so we will have space available to display your house or personal banner for the day.

As a show of pride for our many talented artisans and craftspersons in Calafia we will be hosting an Arts Showcase. So, if you have a piece you would like to share, recently completed or completed years ago, please show it off!

We are also hosting a pickling contest, so if you have pickled goods, bring a jar to enter! Anything pickled goes!

Meanwhile, only a few paces away the warbands of the Iron Brigade and the Steel Brigade will be holding practice to demonstrate their martial prowess on the field.

The young fighters of the Tin Brigade will also be showing their stuff!

Arts in the Park is open to the Public, and no registration cost is required to attend.

For any Baronial Guild or Household, or Individual interested in a display, please send all requests to ArtsInThePark@Calafia.org
Setup begins at 9 am
Event starts at 10 am
Event Ends at 3pm
Tear down should be finished by 4pm.

Restrooms not available on site after 3pm.

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