Welcome to Youth Combat, Calafia:

Youth Combat has seen many changes over the last few years and I expect to see more adjustments in the coming years. One thing I hold most important and wish to make clear is that Youth Combat will be a safe and inviting place in Calafia and Caid for any Youth who wishes to play. The rules and equipment you will see today in Calafia (and Caid's) Tourneys and Wars is much the same as you would have seen in the past. The only real difference is we have opened up more options for younger teens that wish something closer to armored combat. However, we will continue to offer what we have in the past to those who are age 15 and younger who have no desire to engage in these new armored combat options.

Youth Combat is not and never was meant to be an only choice for Youths. Through the Oakhall Guild and other programs we are working on developing Arts, Sciences and Service for Youths. I encourage all youths to participate in these programs as they are offered. I also encourage Youth to try other combat activities like Archery, Rapier or Unarmored Combat . If you're not sure where to start please feel free to contact me and I will either help or make sure you know who to talk to.

Building a Youth Combat Team is also an important priority in order for youth combat to thrive and grow. This team consists of adults who are interested in becoming Marshals and working with youths as well as teens. You do not need to be a parent, you just have to have a desire to help out and work with Youths. The training program is not hard. I'm available to give classes whenever we have students who have an interest and want to authorize. The process is simple; you do have to pass a basic test and a very limited background check. The background check is similar to the one they give teachers, it is not invasive, and it just assures that you are able to work with children. In our Barony, including the Shires and Colleges, we hold 8 Tourneys and 2 Wars per year. The Goal is to develop 8 or more Authorized Youth Combat Marshals. This would mean each Marshal would only have to commit to running one tourney and helping with one war a year. A small commitment for a worthy purpose and cause-the development and welfare of the youth of Calafia and Caid.

If you are interested in becoming a Youth Combat Marshal please contact me. Questions or comments are always welcome; please send them to me at youthcombat@calafia.org.

Traolach Moruchtuil
Baronial Youth Combat Marshal, Calafia