Greetings Chirurgeons,

All Chirurgeons please contact me regarding your certification and warrant. I would like a copy of these for the Baronial Chirurgeon files. (Some of you have done this already).

War preparations are well underway. I would like to invite all warranted Chirurgeons to volunteer for May War. The more hands the merrier. Thinking about being a Chirurgeon? Volunteer as a battlefield scribe.

CPR/First Aid classes are being offered for Chiirurgeons, Constables and anyone else who wants it. Classes are a minimum of 12 people @ $40.00 per person. They may be held on the second Tuesday of the month in place of the Cordwainerís Guild, but may be changed to another time and place. If you are interested, please email me at

Yours in Service,
THLady Guenivere Marian Coe
Chirurgeon, Barony of Calafia