Their Excellencies

Sir Gamyl of Mottrum

TH Lady Danyel de Licatia

Their Excellencies info page

Baronial Officers


THLady Seraphina Lilje

Deputy Seneschal of Guilds
Tom of Calafia

Deputy Seneschal of Reports and Events
THLady Sárán mac Duinn

Deputy Seneschal of Special Projects

Deputy Seneschal of Waivers

Rec Center Representative
THLady Sakan bint al-Kimiya'i


Lady Eleonora di Gerardo

Arts & Sciences

Countess Iðuna breiðrazi

Deputy Arts & Sciences
Lady Apollonia of Delphi

Deputy Arts & Sciences
Lord Christoffer Dechsel

Deputy Arts & Sciences
THLady Eibhlin an Ucaire

Deputy Arts & Sciences
Lady Penelope Fayrfax atte Redehulle

Deputy Arts & Sciences
Lady Thora Jonsdottir


Lady Eleonora di Gerardo

Baronial Household (Mentor of the Menage)

Demo Co-ordinator
Lady Apollonia of Delphi

Deputy Chatelaine
THLady Fionnghuala inghean Uilliam

Gold Key Coordinator
Lady Thora Jonsdottir


THLady Dagný Starkaðrdottir

Deputy Chronicler
Lady Eleonora di Gerardo


THLady Magge Rose


THLady Arnora Tryggvadóttir

Baronial Keep
THLord Michael Treighie

Deputy Exchequer
Mistress Lasairiona inghean Gheibheannaigh

Deputy Exchequer of Assets

Herald (Trident Herald)

Lord Hroudland von Freising

Consulting Herald
Baroness Eridana Ambra Dragotta


Lord Liam Makfersan


THLady Tierrynna CaerNarvon

Captain of Archers
Lady Adelwyn Atewattere

Deputy Marshal of Equestrian
THLady Rhua Cat Ifrinn

Deputy Marshal of Fence
Lady Nualaith Casnot

Deputy Marshal of Fence
Lady Nualaith Casnot

Deputy Marshal of Thrown Weapons
Lord Mikhail Liutognev

Deputy Marshal of Unarmored Combat
Lord Brian of Garfield

Deputy Marshal of Youth Combat
Lady Anna Moren


THLord Andreu Fayrfax

Regalia Committee

THLady Sárán mac Duinn

Social Media

THLady Sabyna of Aydon


THLord Curteis FitzOsbern

Deputy Webwright
Sherry of Calafia

Youth Activities

Lisa Moriarity

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