Calafia Crest

Their Excellencies

 Baron: Master Guy Rand Gallandon

 Baroness: Mistress Muirrenn ingen Donndubáin

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 Chief Lady in Waiting and Captain of the Gaurd

 Captain of the Gaurd: THL Curteis Fitz Osbern

 Chief Lady in Waiting: Lady Sárán mac Duinn

Baronial Officers

 Seneschal: TH Lord Parlane of Glenord

       Secretary: Alesia de Cattmere

 Arts and Sciences: Lady Euginia in rauða

       Baronial Household (Newcomers Guild and Mentor Of the Menage) Mistress Fia Naheed

 Baronial Keep: TH Lord Michael Treighie

 Captain of Archers: Lady Adelwyn Atewattere

 Chatelaine: Lord Ponç lo Bon Ome

 Chirurgeon: Talan Tanki

 Chronicler: THL Dagny Starkaðrdottir

 Constable: Lady Seraphina Lilje

 Commander of the Iron Brigade: Sir Valrik

        Demo Co-ordinator: Methias Vaux

 Exchequer: Lady Margeret Kerne

 Herald (Trident Pursuivant): Lady Ariana verch Gwenllian

 Lists: Lady Tierrynna Caer Narvon

 Marshal: THLord Marco Solario

      Thrown Weapons: Vacant

 Registrar: Lord Darius da Carrara

 Web Chronicler: Lord Darius Da Carrara

 Youth Officer: Bryan Fayre

Subgroups of Calafia

Canton of Poll Na Gainmhe-- Imperial Valley

• Seneschal: Mistress Lasairiona inghean Gheibheannaigh

• Arts & Sciences THL Hans Schnackenburg

• Chatelaine: Lady Rosamound

• Exchequer: Lord Hroudland von Freising

• Herald: Vacant

Canton of Summergate -- San Diego North County

• Seneschal: Sir Gamyl of Mottrom

• Arts and Sciences: Lady Juliana de la Delphi

• Chatelaine: Vacant

• Chirurgeon: Vacant

• Constable: Sir Gamyl of Mottrom

• Exchequer: Lady Serena Nickolei

• Herald: Vacant

• Marshall: Quinn Phelan

• Web Chronicler: Baronial Webwright

• Youth Activities: THL Suzanne Delaplaine

Canton of Tanwayour -- San Diego South County

• Seneschal: THL Ellyn of Tanwayour

• Arts & Sciences: Lady Robyn Ælfwyn

• Chatelaine: Lord Roderick Usher

• Chirurgeon: Lady Agnes Wurtman

• Exchequer: THL Eibhlin an Ucaire

• Herald: Lady Enedina de Lacarra de Navarra

• Web Chronicler: Lord Ketill rauðskeggr

 College of St. Artemas (UCSD)

• Seneschal: VACANT

• Arts and Sciences: Lord Gregory Lukyn

• Chatelaine: VACANT

• Constable in Training: VACANT

• Exchequer: Lord Eirikr Iversson

• Herald: Mike Domzalski

• Lieutenant of Archers: Baron John of Sudwelle

• Web Chronicler (Webmaster): Lord Darius Da Carrara

 College of St. Isidore (SDSU)

• Seneschal: Eudokia Argyre

• Deputy Seneschal: Lord Fergus Ó Dubhshláine

• Constable: Dragonet de la Rochelle

• Constable: Mona Mingozzi

• Castellan: Vacant

• Exchequer: Vacant

• Herald: Vacant

• Webwright: Lord Curteis FitzOsbern

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