Chief Lady in Waiting
THLady Rhua Cat Ifrinn

TH Lady Alun Maral 
Countess Amsha al Sirhan  
Lady Apollonia of Delphi 
Baron Bartholomew Knowles  
Batu Chama Borte
Lady Carrie Bear 
TH Lady Catina Marciano
Lady Catriona le Fox
Celeste Wyld
Cristabel Danuers
Lady Eleonora di Gerardo  
Guilhemeta filla Aliazars
Iseldis Dyradottir
TH Lady Juliana Del la Delphi 
Lady Kyra Audax 
Magdalena Hungerford
Otamr of Oerth 
THLady Sakan bint al-Kimiya'i  
Lord Silenus of Mycenae 
Lady Susane Andrea 
Zubaidah Shirazi
Captain of the Guard
THLord Marco Solario

Lord Ambrose Wyld 
Bourdries Ogren
Cellach Mack Suibne
Cesar Alejandro de Baracoa
Connor son of Galen
TH Lord Davin Kinnard MacAilean  
TH Lord Duncan Rose  
Gunnlaud Leifsson
Hadrian Black
Lord Hroudland von Freising  
TH Lord Karl von Rothenberg  
Miroslav Barskil
TH Lord Nestor the Horsebreaker  
Lady Nualaith Casnot 
Lord Patricius Arcuarius  
Lord Refr Skálaglamm 
Siegfried von Aschaffenburg
Siri inn Oargi
Wulfric Goadstealer

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