His Excellency
Master Guy Rand Gallandon
Baron of Calafia
Her Excellency
Mistress Muirenn ingen Donndubáin
Baroness of Calafia
Their Fluffiness,
Juno and Monroe,
Baronial Mastiffs of Calafia
Master Guy Rand Gallandon

Photo Courtesy of: Lord Levi Ben Daniel

Mistress Murienn ingen Donndubain

Photo Courtesy of: Lord Levi Ben Daniel

Photos were eaten.
Along with the photographer.
Period 11th-12th Century Norman-Saxon, born in England. 11th Century Irish, but also enjoys 14th century European, and later period Middle Eastern styles


Styles: Norman, 13th-14th century English and French, Middle Eastern (because we live in a desert)

Fabrics: Linen, silk, wool, cotton

Colors: Black, silver, gold, blue, darker greens


Fabrics: Linen, silk, soft non-scratchy wools, cotton

Colors: Earth tones (gold, rust, olive), bright colors (particularly orange and yellow), dark blues, deep reds

Styles: Au Naturale

Fabrics: Fur

Colors: Black, charcoal, grey, silver, dirty white.

Interests Charcuterie, cheese making, leather working, woodworking, armor, period combat (armored, unarmored, archery) Fiber arts (spinning, weaving, embroidery, knitting), costuming, period combat (unarmored combat), cooking, Latin/Roman studies/classical history, herb craft. Muirrenn loves animals, particularly dogs (huskies!), tigers, owls, and foxes. Walkies. Howling during cheers. Sniffing in holes and digging them up. Pulling people on leashes.
Likes Most meats, salami/sausage, cheeses, nuts, healthy snacks, sweets (especially caramels and butterscotch) Vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy snacks, cheddar, gouda, parmesan cheeses, pomegranate anything, cherries. Muirrenn is pescatarian (vegetarian + eggs and fish). Grain-free treats made in the US, UK, Canada, or New Zealand. Favorites are meaty-type treats like jerky, or meat-based biscuits.

Dislikes Most squashes, raw tomatoes, pineapple, mayonnaise/mayonnaise based salad (such as tuna salad). Meats other than fish, shellfish (except shrimp), goat cheese, blue cheese, cream-based sauces, eggplant, portobella mushrooms, cooked bell peppers. Treats with grain, treats made in China, and treats that are all pumpkin or fruit/veggie based

Allergies No known food allergies No known food allergies Wheat
Likes Coffee, Hot and Iced Teas, and Sekanjabins Hot and Iced Teas and Sekanjabins Cold water.

Dislikes Tropical and pineapple based juices and flavors  
Likes Light Herbal and musky scents Preferences are for Herbal and lighter scents Whatever is in this hole!

Dislikes Flowery and patchouli Heavy perfumes, and overly sweet, musky, or floral scents. Can have allergies to strong perfumes/heavy scents Smell of cooking lamb or other gamey meats.
Largesse Any handmade items, craft materials, stationery.

Pets We have two Siberian Huskies, Juno and Monroe. We are fine with gifts for them if you wish.
We generally prefer natural pet goods and treats made in the United States (due to recent contamination of pet supplies manufactured in China).
Juno: "Stop giving Monroe treats, it just encourages him."
Monroe: "I can haz noms!"

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