July 2018
Their Excellencies Guy Rand and Muirrenn
Photo Courtesy of: Lord Ketill rauðskeggr

Greetings Calafia!

First off, We would like to thank all the Calafians who braved the heat and winds to travel to Caid’s 40 year celebration. For those of you who did not go, this was an amazing weekend filled with amazing SCA history, arts and sciences demonstrations, and chivalry. We all suffered under the glare of the Al’Sahid sun and in that, we found the camaraderie and spirit that will continue to heal this Kingdom. We had a great time with all of the Calafians who came to watch Tiberius's vigil and elevation to the Order of Chivalry and the historic Coronation of TRM Agrippa and Dawid. From the beautiful garb to the amazing banners (and that canopy!), it was a celebration of the pageantry that makes the Dream.

This weekend, July 1st, is our new Serpent Summer Fest! We are looking forward to seeing as many Calafians as possible come and celebrate with us. This combines our monthly Brigade practice with July’s Populace meeting, lawn games and a potluck as we spend the day together at the beach. Please remember that this is an informal event. No need to come in garb or pack heavy. Come, bring your armor or crafts, bring some food to share and enjoy the time with Calafia.

Calafia will be hosting Royal Champion weekend on July 14 and 15th. The Armored, Unarmored, and Rapier championship will be on Saturday at Stonehenge at UCSD. Thrown Weapons and Archery Championship will be at Morley Field in Balboa Park on Sunday. This event will be a great chance for Calafia to host our Royals and show off the strength of our warriors.

We also have two important demos coming up. The first will be the annual Comic-Con demo where we demonstrate the SCA for the entire world. Following that on August 5th is Arts in the Park. This second demo is very important for Calafia, not just to show all of our amazing guilds and artisans to the potential newcomers, but also to show that to populace who might be know that these projects are happening here in the Barony.

We’ll wrap up with a huge thank you for Wilhelm and Tsyra, for a short but heartfelt reign that healed our Kingdom with their sincerity and love. A thank you to staff of 40 year for a reminder of the shared history that all Caidans are a part of, now and in the future. And finally, to all of you, for making the Dream possible through your joy and efforts. It's a great time to be Caidan and Calafian.

In Service to Calafia,
Baron Guy Rand and Baroness Muirrenn

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