Arts & Sciences Champion
THLady Margeret Kerne

Bard of Calafia
Lady Magdalena Szabados

Flagship of Calafia
Horizon's End , THLord Curteis FitzOsbern
Archery Champion
Baron John of Sudwelle

Armoured Champion
Duke Wilhelm Skallagrimsson

Equestrian Champion
THLady Tierrynna CaerNarvon

Rapier Champion
Don Avenel Kellough

Thrown Weapons Champion
Baron Paganus Grimlove

Unarmoured Champion
Lord Brian of Garfield

Youth Combat Champion
(Division 0)

Julia Bennison

Youth Combat Champion
(Division 1)

Brad Bennison

Youth Combat Champion
(Division 2)

Bjorn Drogosson

Youth Combat Champion
(Division 3)


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