Arts & Sciences Championship

The Arts & Science Champion for Calafia is chosen at the A&S competition at Calafian Winter Arts.

When:Check the Baronial Calendar for date and location.
Contact:Arts & Sciences
Countess Iðuna breiðrazi   
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Bardic Championship

The challenge is issued! Who will be the next bardic champion of Calafia, and most pleasing to the ears of their Excellencies Guy Rand and Muirrenn?

The Bard of Calafia Competition will take place at Calafian Winter Arts. Each bard will be asked to present two pieces of their choosing. One of the pieces shall be in honor of the Barony of Calafia. That can be interpreted however the Bardic competitors wish! It might take the form of prose or a filk written about the history of the Barony. It might be an original or period piece exemplifying qualities Calafians hold dear. It might be something else entirely! The competitors may give a brief introduction to connect the piece to the theme. The second piece is the performer's choice.

Performances will be judged according to the competitor's technical execution of the piece, effectiveness in connecting to the theme, level of difficulty, and ability to engage the audience.

The competition is tentatively scheduled to take place at 3:00, before closing court. The new Bard of Calafia will be named at closing court.

If you wish to compete for Bardic champion, please submit a letter of intent including your society name, and the name and performance times of your pieces before December 1st, 2016.

When:Check the Baronial Calendar for date and location.
Contact:Bard of Calafia
Lady Elisabeth of Calafia   
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Equestrian Championship

The Equestrian Champion for Calafia is chosen by annual tournament. Riders demonstrate their skill at timed obstacle courses, tilting at quintains and rings, spearing ground targets, and 'beheading' cabbage dummies.

When:Check the Baronial Calendar for date and location.
Contact:Guild Steward
Duchess Kara the Twin   

Flagship Championship and Plunder Competition

The Flagship Championship was created by Master Oliver Dogberry, during his time as Baron of Calafia, to encourage research and presentation of period nautical arts & sciences, as well as participation in Baronial events year-round. The Flagship Champion is announced at Potrero War closing court, gets a fancy title, a Baronail Pennant to fly from their mast, and serves as a mini-boss and can set a story arc in the Plunder Competition. To win the Flagship Championship, shipholds place bids of the Salvage Tokens they've earned by participating in the Plunder Competition.

The Plunder Competition is a year-round activity that awards players Salvage Tokens for volunteer service, fighting in tourneys, taking or teaching A&S classes, or participating in many other SCA activities. Players can also win Salvage Tokens by challenging other players, typically at a quick game of skill but any agreeable challenge is fair game. Those looking for the big score can prove their salt by challenging the Flagship of Calafia to a test of nautical skills.

Both the Flagship Championship and the Plunder competition are managed by the Nautical Guild.

When:Competition activities occur at events year round.
Contact:Guild Steward
THLord Curteis FitzOsbern   
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